Peniology: The Language of the Penis

Welcome to the home page of the International Museum of Peniology (IMP).

Our goal here at IMP is to offer a safe place where visitors from every background can have a hands on experience and be exposed to everything they ever wanted to know about the penis, but were afraid to ask. In the following pages we will make you familiar with the origins and history of the penis up to its modern day usage. We will also discuss the history of the most controversial and contentious sciences ever practiced in the history of mankind: Peniology!

As you penetrate further, you will find the most thought-provoking details related to the penis and unbelievable historical facts all aimed at giving visitors a firm grasp of the penis. We ask you to put yourself in the hands of our more than enthusiastic peniological IMP staff who will be there to guide you every step of the way. Our penile diversity is second to none and we welcome all. Our motto here at IMP is: You don’t need a penis to enjoy it!

Now, the question that has been burning on the tips of everyone’s lips is “Just what the heck is Peniology?” Peniology is closely related to its sister science ‘Phrenology’, a scientific method used in ascertaining one's mental capacity and predicting one’s character solely by looking at the physical make up of the head and measuring aspects of its individual areas. These various areas were assigned codified personality zones whose physical aspects (sizes, shape, bumps, humps and lumps) were used to calculate and determine character. Peniology, uses the same exact rules, principles and methodology. However, instead of applying them to the head, Peniology uses the shape, form and measurements of the penis to predict a man’s mental capacity and character (a different type of head, so to say).

Phrenology and Peniology; is it all in your head?

The science of Peniology once governed every aspect of a man’s life. It became such a threat to acceptable scientific practice that a concerted effort by the medical, scientific and academic communities attempted to cover up its mention by burying it deep in the academic annals in some forgotten dusty basement.

This explains why any trace of its very existence has been mysteriously expunged. That is until now! IMP’s goal is to proudly bring to light the facts surrounding this most unique science. As you delve into this site, we guarantee that you will be pleasantly filled, that is, with astonishment and surprise, as we examine and explain one of the most symbolic of relationships; that between Man and his phallus and their effects on culture and society. Get ready to be introduced to a practice that brought the world to its knees: Peniology.

Youth ready to be peniolized -Chicago circa 1900.

Peniology: The Truth Exposed

If you would like to discover the shocking hidden truth behind one of the most influential, highly explosive and controversial of sciences, the existence of which even the medical community tried to hide, IMP strongly recommends reading “Peniology: The Scandalous Science of Penis Reading (An Occasionally True Story)”. The book is  highly engaging, well-written and filled with unbelievable facts, photos and illustrations to a keep you, a mature reading audience, wide-eyed, shocked, astonished, thoroughly amazed and entertained for hours. A book that touches on sexual politics, misogyny, LGBTQ history, feminism, racism, cross dressing and more! Thanks to the co-authors, Kevin Moore and Andrea Aste, the science of Peniology has finally been exposed!

"Gripping Read!"

-Tine Magazine, September 2021


-New York Daily, September 2021

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