"Lex haec carminibus data est iocosis,
ne possint, nisi pruriant, iuuare."

"This is the rule with funny poems:
they are no good unless they have something a bit licentious."

We thought it an appropriate name and powerful symbol for what Fascinus Publishing represents: a continuous fight for the protection of freedom of expression and warding off those who would try to silence the voices of those artists dedicated to producing erotic works of art. Fascinus Publishing is dedicated to promoting and producing artistic publications in art, literature, photography and graphics illustrations of the highest standard and quality.

Phallus-shaped charm from Herculaneum, 1st Century BC. Secret Cabinet, British Museum, London.


Winged Fascinum (The Latin word “fascinum” comes from the verb “fascinare”, to cast a spell, and gave us the modern word “fascination”.

Fascinus, the Roman divinity and protector from sorcery, witchcraft, envy and the evil eye. He is the embodiment of the divine phallus and is depicted symbolically, most often, as winged phallic bird amulets. Referred to as fascinus or fascinum, these apotropaic symbols, effigies and amulets were used to invoke Fascinus’ protection to ward off harm and evil influences.