Hello, Prof. Cockamamie here. You might be asking yourself, at this point whats going on? I just wanted to pose a question: is all that you have read thus far true?... Yes, maybe or maybe not.

Herein lies the fun of this site and the book, Peniology: The Scandalous Science of Penis Reading. Kevin and Andrea, the mischievous authors, wanted to use this website to give you an idea of the book's style as they make you doubt the veracity of what is being presented, hence ‘An Occasionally True Story’. Now that I, Cockamamie, have exposed their secret, I invite you to return to the site and continue reading their alternative history, attentively, with the knowledge that all might not seem quite what it appears to be. It’s up to you to figure it out.

Have you spotted any of the fake images throughout this website? Happy hunting!